Terror Isle was an island made by the staff on the Public Server II. It was located northwest of Plains at -4550 -3050. The 2015 Halloween event took place here.

About Edit


Terror Isle used to be a normal forest island, however, it was transformed by the staff into a terrifying corner of the world. The surface became covered with Netherrack and Soulsand, tree leaves became red, orange and yellow stained glass and tree barks were turned to Obsidian or Glowstone. Futhermore, the water in a river flowing through the island suddenly became hot lava.

After the event, Terror Isle remained the same, becoming a good place to harvest Glowstone, Obsidian, Soulsand and Nether Bricks without much danger, apart from the Necromancers. Infact, mining these resources on Terror Isle became so popular, that a quarry was set up under the island along with a Haste beacon to help with gathering these resources.

Landmarks Edit

  • The Lobby - The Lobby was a large building on the southeastern shore of the isle. It contained the Nether Portal and beds, which were used for setting spawnpoints.
  • Effect Parkour - This structure housed the parkour for the second challenge of the event. However, there was a catch. Different colours of clay produced different effects when stepped upon, ranging from increased speed to teleportation.
  • The Path of the Horsemen - The Path of the Horsemen was a wide valley filled with Netherbrick. The valley was the place where the three Headless Horsemen were fought by the players, as the final part of the Haloween event.

Nether Edit

Terror Isle was accessible via Nether from Plains' Nether Hub by following the northwestern tunnel. After a while, it forked off into its own tunnel, which was made out of Stone Bricks, Nether Bricks and was accented with different colours of clay. The tunnel was built by _Sheepe.

Custom Mobs and Items Edit

The sudden change of landscape killed of all the wildlife on the island. Skeletal Necromamancers, however found this island appealing and settled there. They could be identified by the pumpkin on their head and the wooden wand in their hand. They attacked players on sight and proved to be quite a challenge, especially to players with weaker armour and weapons.

Necromancers carried around the Necromancer's Wand, which dealt 12 damage (6 hearts) if used by itself or 2 damage (1 heart) if used by a player.

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