Lore Edit

The Fyidpot Rebellion was an event that took place between the end of the Public Server I and the start of the Public Server II. After the shutdown, Jonpot and Fyid rebelled against Slash_Stache and Jackfrost2000, which led onto the War of Tides. The event started right before the shutdown, when Jonpot left Ald Shore to join WorldOfMigget in Magic Moduled Mischeif, on a completely different continent. Unbeknownst to him, this caused extreme unrest at Ald Shore. Without moderation, the balance of power was thrown off, leaving Slash_Stache as a dictator. Resident Fyid was the first to suggest a rebellion, and when Jonpot returned from his journey, they had the power to do it. Overthrowing Slash, power was restored, but not for long. Slash, cast out from Ald Shore, found a rare frog, named Pepe. Pepe gave Slash the knowledge and power to start a war. This war is known as the War of Tides.

Visible Effects Edit

Although not much is visible from the original revolution, you can still see the destroyed heads of Slash and Jonpot on the warground seperating Ald Isle and New Hope.