This page is about a Hermitcraft Gamemode 4 Module. It is not on the main Gamemode 4 Website

HermitCraft Boss Battle was a custom boss module used in Hermitcraft Gamemode 4. It was created by Team Wooloo and you can download the 1 command contraption on their website.

Spawning Edit

To summon the evil Hermits, rename a Nether Star "Hermities Summono" and throw it on the ground. Then,you will recieve Blindness and Wither potion effect and will be teleported around. Finally, 12 Hermits will appear and form a circular formation.

Attacking Edit

The boss fight is divided into two parts.

Hermits Edit

After the Hermits are summoned, you will be given a book. It will allow you to choose, which Hermits you want to fight. Each Hermit has a special attack/ability and is given one of three difficulty ranks. The Hermits are:

Hermit Special Attack Difficulty Rank
Xisuma Trail of Terror Strong
ImpulseSV Speedy Sprint Very Strong
FalseSymmetry Symmetry Swap Strong
KingDaddyDMAC Seismic Slam Normal
hypnotizd Hypnotic Hurricane Normal
ZombieCleo Dawn of the Dead Strong
xBCrafted Guardian Gang Normal
Zueljin Dark Diorite Strong
Docm77 Cyborg Cummoning Very Strong
Etho Arrow Assault Normal
Biffa2001 Hostile Head Strong
sl1pg8er Stuff & Things Normal

Final Boss Edit

After you've defeated all 12 Hermits, you'll be given the option to summon the final boss - Devil - GenerikB. He has three attacks:

  • Fireball - the most common attack
  • Lightning Trail - he will make lightning bolts follow the player. He'll also summon a few Creepers which get charged in the lightning.
  • TNT Slam - he floats into the air and then lands on the ground. When landing, TNT will be summoned all around him.

To injure him, shoot arrows into the top portion of his body.

Loot Edit

After killing GenerikB, a full-powered beacon tower made out of Iron and Gold Blocks will appear at the place of his death.

Gallery Edit