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This module is unreleased. It is unknown whether is will be publicly released.

The WitherKing is a custom boss module used in Hermitcraft Gamemode 4. It is unknown whether it will be publicly released.

Spawning Edit

There is a specific way to spawn the boss in.

Resources Edit

To spawn the boss in, you will need the following resources:

Item Item Name Quantity
Soulsand x 12
Wither Skeleton Skull x 12
Glowstone Block x 1
Nether Star x 1

Layout Edit

The player uses the 12 Soulsand to create an outline of a

square (not the corners), with the inner part being 3x3 big. He/She then places all skulls on the Soulsand. The glowstone block makes the middle of the inner square. The final step is to throw the Nether Star on the glowstone and the battle can begin!

Attacking Edit

There are 3 main phases of the boss battle.

Phase 1 Edit


Phase 2 Edit

The witherking will gain a speed effect, and break all blocks (excluding bedrock and barrier) around it. It usually burrows into a cave. After being killed it will go onto phase 3 and you will be rewarded with another nether star.

Phase 3 Edit


Loot Edit

When the WitherKing is defeated, it will summon a Wither Skeleton spawner at the place of its death. The Wither Skeletons are equiped with a diamond sword, a diamond chestplate, diamond leggings and diamond boots. Everything is unenchanted, however. On top of this, a nether star will be received for each phase completed.

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