• I've recreated the Magical Crops mod with command blocks in Minecraft 1.12.

    [Watch the video on Youtube]


    Credit: BluePsychoRanger

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    This module was split into a stand alone module + 4 expansion modules because the structure was really big, but the full module pack is available as well, if you wish to install all modules. There are 1-Clicks and structure files available to install each module. There is also a resource pack, that requires OptiFine, available to distinguish between items, but is not required to use the module.


    For a full wiki, visit the one on my website , which goes into more detail. 

    This module adds many items into minecraft that allows you to craft almost any material, such as diamonds, obsidian, and iron. First, you need to get essence dust from breaking grass to get seeds to grow essence crops which drop 3 dust per harvest. Alternatively, you can mine coal or quartz ore under Y=40 for a chance to get 4 or 6 dust, respectively.

    Then you'll have to craft a weak infusion stone from a diamond and 4 essence dust. With this stone, you can craft weak essence using 4 essence dust and the weak infusion stone. With weak essence, you can craft Tier 1 seeds: Dye, Coal, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. You can craft the other infusion stones by surrounding the previous tier infusion stone with essences made from that stone. i.e. 8 Essences of Coal surrounding a weak infusion stone to craft the regular infusion stone. There are 5 infusion stones: Weak, Regular, Strong, Extreme, and Master. 

    The infusion stones are used to craft basic essences. They craft the essence of the same tier by combining 4 of the previous tier. i.e. 4 weak essences+regular infusion stone=1 regular essence. The infusion stones can only transfer up one tier, but the master infusion stone can craft any basic essence.

    With the 4 tiers of basic essences, there are 4 tiers of seeds, which use the essence of the same tier to craft. All magical crop seeds have a crafting recipe consisting of wheat seeds in the middle, 4 basic essences adjacent to the seeds, and 4 specific items in the corners to determine the seed type. Tier 1 seeds include Dye, Coal, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. Tier 2 seeds include Obsidian, Glowstone, and Redstone. Tier 3 seeds include Iron, Gold, Lapis, Nether, Ender, Blaze, and Experience. Tier 4 seeds include Diamond and Emerald. 

    There are also soul and potion seeds, crafted with wheat seeds, 4 strong essences, and 4 items to determine the type. The Wither Soul Seeds require extreme essence instead of strong essence. Soul seeds include Wither, Ghast, Slime, Cow, Spider, Creeper, Skeleton, and Magma. Potion seeds inculde Night Vision, Fire Resistance, Speed, Water Breathing, Regeneration, and Strength.

    Magical Crops must grow on farmland. If the seeds are placed incorrectly, you'll get your seed back. Once you place the crop down, it will take 45 minutes for it to fully grow. Alternatively, you can craft magical fertilizer to instantly grow crops. When a fully grown crop is harvested, it will drop 1 seed and 1 essence. There is also a chance to get 1 extra seed, 1 weak essence and 1 essence of nature.

    The essences dropped from the crops can be used to craft the materials they are for. i.e. diamond essences craft diamonds. Most recipes require you to put 8 essences in the custom crafter, leaving the middle space empty.

    Potion Crops will drop effect petals, which give you the potion effect for 20 seconds when it is eaten. The petals can also be used to craft potions that last longer. To craft a potion, you need a water bottle, an effect petal and a basic essence to determine the duration. i.e. extreme essence is used to craft an extreme potion. Weak potions last 1 minute. Regular potions last 5 minutes. Strong potions last 15 minutes. Extreme potions last 25 minutes. Magical potions can be crafted to combine all 6 potions of the same duration. i.e. 1 of each weak potion crafts 1 Magical Potion with all 6 effects for 1 minute.

    Essence Infused Items are used to craft armor, tools, weapons, and charms. An infused ingot is crafted with an iron ingot and 4 weak essences. An infused diamond is crafted with a diamond, 4 essences of obsidian, and 4 essences of gold. Infused string is crafted with string and 4 strong essences. An infused feather is crafter with a feather, 3 essences of air, and 1 extreme essence.

    There are 4 marks of armor: I-IV. Mark I and II armor is crafted like normal armor, but with infused ingots, or infused diamonds, respectively. Mark III armor is made by putting 4 extreme essences adjacent to a piece of mark II armor. Mark IV armor is crafted with a piece of mark III armor and an infused feather. Mark III and IV boots negate fall damage. Wearing the entire set of mark IV armor will give you resistance IV and a flying ability. To fly, look straight up and sneak. To stop flying, look straight down and sneak. Holding sneak while in fly mode will make you fly faster up.

    There are 3 tiers of tools/weapons: 1-3. Tier 1 and 2 tools are crafted like normal iron, but with infused ingots, or infused diamonds, respectively. Tier 3 tools are crafted with a diamond tool in the middle slot, a blaze rod, some infused diamonds, and some extreme essences.

    There are 4 charms: Flame, Ocean, Wither, and Poison. To craft them, you need a basic charm first, which is crafted with an infused diamond, 2 stone, and 1 extreme essence. Crafting the charms require a base charm, 4 extreme essences adjacent to the base charm, and 4 items in the corners to determin the charm. Charm of the Flame gives you fire resistance. Charm of the Ocean gives you water breathing and night vision under water. Charm of the Wither gets rid of the wither effect and makes wither skeletons weaker around you. Charm of Poison negates the poison effect.

    The essence orb allows you to convert materials into essence dust. To craft the essence orb, you need a master infusion stone in the middle, 4 extreme essences adjacent to it, and 4 eyes of ender in the corners. 


    Version 1.2 (Only Module Pack Available for now)

    Magical Crops v1.2


    Version 1.1 (Contains bugs)

    Entire Module Pack (Everything)

    Base Module (The Basic things)

    Soul Crops Expansion (Soul Crops)

    Potion Crops Expansion (Potion Crops and Magical Potions)

    Essence Combat Espansion (Infused Armor, Tools, Weapons, and Charms)

    Essence Orb Expansion (Essence Orb recipes)


    Resource Pack (Helps to distinguish items)

    Magical Crops

    All magical crops

    Magical Crops Chart

    Magical Crops Chart

    Soul Potion Crops Chart

    Soul+Potion Crops Chart

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