This module is a Reliant Module. It requires Custom Crafter Base to do some/all of its functions.

Trapped signs allows you to craft sign upgrades using a Custom Crafter that, when thrown at a sign, give it the ability to emit a weak redstone signal, when right-clicked by a player.

Details Edit

Place a regular sign on the ground or against a wall with any text. Note that any text placed on the last line of the sign will be deleted when the sign is upgraded. To trap the sign, throw a "trapped sign" item crafted using a custom crafter at the sign (you may need to place a block under the sign if it's high up on a wall). The trapped sign item will disappear and the sign will become trapped. If a regular sign trap is used the last line of the sign will display "-x-". Otherwise the last line will be blank.

Right clicking a trapped sign will cause redstone dust within range to gain a signal strength of 1 for approximately one second. The sign only powers dust, not repeaters or other redstone devices and only powers dust in certain spots around it.

Crafting Edit

Name Ingredients Custom Crafter Description
Trapped Sign Signs, Tripwire hooks, Redstone dust
A trapped sign with -x- on the last line
Trapped Sign (secret) Trapped Signs, Ink sacs
A trapped sign with a blank last line

Radius Edit

Trapped wall sign

Redstone dust is powered relative to the block a wall sign is placed on. It is powered above, below and on all direct faces except the one the sign is placed on.

Trapped standing sign

Redstone dust is powered directly to the north, south, east, west and two blocks below a standing sign.

Bugs Edit

Some Spigot and Bukkit servers break the trapped signs module by not giving players access to the permissions needed. The module runs fine on Vanilla servers. The module is broken on the Gamemode 4 Public Server for the 1.8 version.

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History Edit

1.8 Edit

Date Change
18 Oct 2015 Module first submitted.
29 Oct 2015 Module released to public.

1.9 Edit

Date Change
13 Aug 2016 Module updated to 1.9. Now works on the public server.