On November 5th, 2015 Sparks made a mini event to celebrate Guy Fawkes Night. During this event you got a custom trophy: a mask called the Treasonous Trophy. Sparks said he would work on firework launchers for the day around the server in the form of the trophy; the trophy fireworks launch in the direction the player is facing.

Item Edit

Upon joining during a 24 hour period starting from 12:00am November 5th, 2015 to 12:00am November 6th, 2015 players will receive a Guy Fawkes mask trophy, when worn on head a player shoots fireworks from where they are looking.

Custom Color Crafting Edit

By placing a Guy Fawkes mask trophy in the middle of a custom crafter with a red, blue, green, or yellow dye to the right middle slot, will change the mask to shoot a different color/shape firework when worn. The default colour is a blue star.

Dye Colour Shape
Lapis Lazuli Blue Star
Cactus Green Green Creeper
Rose Red Red Large ball
Dandelion Yellow Yellow Small ball with crackle sound

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