This module is unreleased. It is planned to be released soon.

This module allows you to upgrade spawners using certain items by throwing them on top of the spawner you want upgrade. As soon as the item hits the spawner a countdown will initiate. Picking up the item before the countdown has finished will cancel it.

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Upgrades Edit

The following items can be thrown on top of a spawner to upgrade it.

Item Required Spawner Upgrade to
Lightning Rod Creeper Charged Creeper
Wither Skull Skeleton Wither Skeleton
Skeleton Spawn Egg Spider Spider Jockey
Villager Spawn Egg Zombie Zombie Villager
(Wet) Sponge Guardian Elder Guardian
"jeb_" Name Tag Sheep Rainbow Sheep
(Pig) Zombie Spawn Egg Chicken Chicken Jockey
Notch Apple Rabbit Killer Bunny
Empty Spawn Egg Any Spawner Empty Spawner

For an unknown reason you cannot change the mob inside a spawner after upgrading, hence you need to empty it before you can apply another mob using an "Empty Spawn Egg".

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