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About BluePsychoRanger

Hello people, I'm BluePsychoRanger and I've been fascinated with command blocks even before I started playing Minecraft in 2014. Since then, I've self taught myself command block coding and created some command modules. I started a Youtube Channel in order to share my creations, and I've been creating videos for a while now.

Since March 18, 2017 I have been an Admin for this wiki.


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Submitted Gamemode 4 Modules

Seasons: Adds a season cycle to Minecraft

Seasonal Food (Expansion Pack): Craft unique foods during specific seasons

Seasons Calendar: Craft a Calendar to know the season/month

Magical Crops: Grow resources such as diamonds and potions

Other Command Modules

These Command Modules were posted on my Youtube channel but were not made to fit the Gamemode 4 Standard

Mob Powers (Minecraft 1.8): Obtain some abilities of the mobs you kill

Mob Powers v2.0 (Minecraft 1.9-1.10): Remade for Minecraft 1.9

Mob Powers v3.0 (Minecraft 1.11): Remade for 1.11, adding many new mobs

Pigman Companions (Minecraft 1.9-1.10): Find a Companion and hire it to fight for you

Ender IO Enchanter (Minecraft 1.9-1.10): Craft Enchanted books using XP

Infernal Zombies (Minecraft 1.9-1.10): Some zombies will gain new abilities

Enhanced Health (Minecraft 1.9-1.10): More health from high XP and buffs with the extra health

Circuit Blocks: Redstone logic gates and circuits within 1 block


There are several tools I use to make command coding faster and easier.

MCStacker: Entity summon and other command generator

MrGarretto: Command combiner and other tools

JSON Creator: Minecraft tellraw generator

MCToolbox: Many tools including custom GUIs and Formatted command block text (colored)


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Discord Tag: BluePsychoRanger#5160

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