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Heyo peeps, I'm PenguinJ2, an admin on this wiki. Welcome to my userpage! I was a fan of Gamemode 4 since Desire Lines came out. If you need any help don't hesitate to ask me on the forums or my message wall!

I'm currently working on updating all module pages for their 2.0 versions following ley lines and seemingly doing nothing.

If you need help either contact me on my message wall, find me on chat or email me on

Since when was this page protected? :P

My Edits

Seems kinda incorrect, I'll try to fix that.

Total 4,198
Edits on pages 1,661
Comments on pages 285
Comments on profiles 55
Photos and videos uploaded 146
Categories added to pages 96
Created blogs 21
Comments on blogs 74
Thread replies 193
Threads made 1,194

Resource Pack

The resource pack I use is a faithful edit. Download it here.


I have my own skindex account! Leave a message on my talk page if you want me to create a custom skin for you. :)


I use scratch!

Maths Stuff

I don't really update this bit any more; I might make a bit on the thue morse sequence in a little while.


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