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About me[]

It's me... Yes, it really is :)

Hello everyone! I'm SugCube aka Sugar, Caney, SugCube & Ruben. I'm a programmer (Java best, C++ worse, C# worst) and Mathematics/Computer Science student. I love doing stuffs to make the world a better place.

I hate those days that it's too hot to sleep properly and you have to wake up 3 times a night which will destroy your mood the next day.

Oh, and I run a YouTube channel? Interested? Then check it out here!

You're awesome <3

P.S. Smileyface =)

Quotes gm4blue.png

When life gives you potatoes, you make potato salad!

- Battleblock Theatre

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  • I'm terribly terrific with puns.
  • Got a weird and creative brain.
  • Smileyface :)


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