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This fun module is a perfect addition to any technical builder's world! It gives Minecarts the ability to travel vertically, up ladders. Placing ladders against gold blocks will launch minecarts into the air, like a powered rail!


Ever wanted to easily and compactly travel upwards using minecarts? Well now you can with the vertical rails module! Just place ladders opposite a rail (see images below) and the minecart will travel up it! On top of that, you can create booster rails too!

To create booster rails, place the ladder on a gold block, and when the minecart reaches the end it will launch 2-3 blocks into the sky. Combined with slime blocks, some pretty cool contraptions can be made with these!


Resource Pack[]

Made By: SibSib123

This resource pack adds another depth to your vertical rails world, adding 3D rails and turning ladders into rails as well!

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Date Version Change
22 Jan 2015 1.0 Released Vertical Rails
10 Sept 2017 2.0 Updated to 1.12