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One-two, one-two, through and through! The vorpal blade went snicker-snack! He left it dead, and with its head he went galumphing back.

- From ‘Jabberwocky’ by Lewis Carol

This module will allow you to craft a sword that drops the heads of mobs you kill with it!

Details Edit


A Diamond Vorpal Sword

If you have a Looting 3 sword, you can rename it Vorpel Sword with an anvil. If it is both named Vorpel Sword, and has Looting 3, it will give you the heads of mobs you kill. It can be done on any type of sword.

Currently the only heads supported are zombie heads, creeper heads, skeleton heads and player heads (unfortunately only Steve heads). It is a 100% drop with this sword.

Bugs Edit

  • The spelling of "Vorpel" is wrong. It should be spelled as "Vorpal" instead.
  • Downloading the schematic will not add the needed scoreboard objectives.

Future Plans Edit

Sparks plans to completely redo this module improving functionality and offering a wider range of heads. Some base mechanics may change too. It will also be compatible with the new custom enchanting.

Technical Details Edit

Clock Type 1) Fill Clock
Clock Speed 1) 20Hz (Once every tick)
Commands per pulse 1) 3

2) 29 if mob is killed

Nested Commands per pulse 1) 0

2) 3 if mob is killed

Command OverviewEdit

An overview of all commands used in this module can be found in a plain text file. You can download the file here and open it with a text editor.

(Alternative link)

Scoreboard Objectives Edit

Objective Name Description
Kills Detects any kills
Zombie Detects kill Zombie
Creeper Detects kill Creeper
Skeleton Detects kill Skeleton
Player Detects kill Player

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History Edit

Date Change
22 Apr 2014 Created Vorpel Swords