This module is a Reliant Module. It requires Custom Crafting Base to do some/all of its functions.

This module allows players to store experience orbs in their Ender Chests. Stand on top to put levels in, stand underneath to take experience out!

Details Edit

XP storage is in many mods, so it has now been brought to vanilla Minecraft! Stand on top of an ender chest to deposit XP, and stand below to claim it back. You must have a whole level to deposit though, before depositing.

Any ender chest can be used to store the levels and to claim them and the XP banks are exclusive for each player, so you can’t steal another player’s XP.

There is no limit to the amount of XP that can be stored in an ender chest.

Bugs Edit

Sometimes a redstone block will appear near the hopper clock with the one click. This will occasionally stop the clock from working.
2015-05-31 14.04.51

Bank Book Edit

The Bank Book is an addition to the XP Storage module by The8BitMonkey. It can be crafted using a Custom Crafter and can be used by a player to see how much experience is inside their ender chest. It also contains a conversion guide showing you how many levels your XP is worth up to 40 levels.

Name Ingredients Custom Crafter Description
Bank Book Eye of Ender, Book and Quill
Pages in the Bank Book tell you how much XP you have (click the text in the book to update the XP display) and conversion charts:

Technical Details Edit

Clock Type 1) Fill clock
Clock Speed 1) 20Hz (once every tick)
Commands per pulse 1) 5

2) 37 if player stands on ender chest

Nested Commands per pulse 1) 5

2) 69 if player stands on ender chest

Command Overview Edit

An overview of all commands used in this module can be found in a plain text file. You can download the file here and open it with a text editor.

(Alternative link)

Scoreboard Objectives Edit

Objective Name Description
XP Used to determine xp level to return stored xp

See More Edit

Watch youtube 2 Website

History Edit

Date Change
04 Jul 2014 Released XP Storage
18 Apr 2015 Updated to reduce lag, add missing scoreboard command and fixed for multiplayer.

A Bank Book can also be crafted in the cutom crafter for information on the xp tanks.